At the end of last month Beyoncé graced her fans all over the world with the release of her latest album, "Renaissance".

Needless to say, the 16 tracks prepared by the singer are already pure success, but unfortunately, all this success also came along with numerous controversies.

A few hours after the release of the project, Kelis used Instagram to accuse Beyoncé of stealing for

sampling her 2003 hit "Milkshake" on the fifth track of the album "Energy". In a series of videos, Kelis

criticized the artist, as well as the song's producers, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, for not informing her that the song would be sampled.

In addition, in the first single from the album, "Break My Soul", fans noticed that there are elements

of the song "Show Me Love" by Robin S. In an interview with "Good Morning Britain", the singer spoke 

about the inclusion, explaining that Beyoncé and her team did not make any formal contact before the release of the single.

And it doesn't stop there: Beyoncé was also accused of using a capacious term, "Spaz" in the song 

"Heated." The word is slang for "freaking out", but is also widely used to classify the spasms suffered by those with cerebral palsy.