Even Bella Hadid's workouts look designer. The model shared photos on August 14 of her glamorous 

appearance at Gotham Gym, a fitness center frequented by many other models, including Bella's sister 

Gigi Hadid. On the six-slide carousel, Hadid could be seen stretching on the bar and doing 

one-legged bent-over paddles on a bench while wearing a brace of bracelets, a long-sleeved shirt 

worn as a bolero, and the piece de resistance, Givenchy mesh sneakers cost $895. Hadid's acrylic nails are perhaps the least surprising detail here.

While her clothes may not read as most functional, Hadid does some serious work in the boxing gym. 

In a tribute to her most recent birthday, Gotham Gym owner Rob Piela described Hadid as the "toughest punching girl I know." 

Their fitness relationship is longstanding. In 2016, Hadid said People of Piela, "He really is the best." She added, "I literally can'

t work out with anyone. It has to be me and him. If I'm working out with other people, I go crazy."

The appreciation clearly goes both ways. Currently, the gym also has a refrigerator with the Kin Euphorics line of drinks cofounded by Hadid.

Hadid's recent post attracted more than a million likes. Fellow model Salem Mitchell unleashed a

hot face emoji, while Hadid's father, Mohamed Hadid, encouraged his "fearless princess" to "never stop."