Barbie Ferreira Responds to Euphoria Theories

While season 2 of Euphoria has received critical praise from fans and critics alike, there has been

some backlash for the HBO series, especially around the lack of screen time for one of its stars, Barbie Ferreira . 

While attending an FYC event for the Emmy-winning drama at the Academy Museum 

of Motion Pictures, the 25-year-old star spoke with ET's Denny Direct about theories about her absence.

"There's a huge cast," Ferreira said, noting that at the series' panel alone, there were

10 of its stars present compared to the eight episodes of Season 2. "So we'll see everyone. Everyone has their own time."

After having a larger role in the first season as Kat Hernandez, a high school student who explores her sexuality by 

starring in her own online videos and eventually begins dating classmate Ethan Daley (Austin Abrams)

Ferreira's presence was noticeably reduced in the second season. Over the course of the 

few episodes in which she appeared, Kat seemed to go against the progress she made

while struggling with her body image and eventually led Ethan to break up with her.