We are getting ready to welcome 2020, but the 90s are still alive and well. At least when it comes to fashion

and beauty choices. Crop tops, low-waisted pants, and yes, fanny packs are cool again. eyeshadow.

As for beauty, now more than ever, people are opting for bold and colorful looks. Bright eyeshadows, neon liners and

your occasional rhinestone are now hitting the feed of every celebrity makeup artist.

But there is one Latina who is leading the charge in '90s-inspired beauty - say hello 

The 22-year-old actress took to her social media to share a bright blue '90s beauty look. 

"Remember when I was glam," she wrote alongside a photo of herself showing off her makeup. 

The young star wore an intense shade of blue on her eyelids that went down to her tear ducts.

In addition to the shadow, she had a light blush on her cheeks and a smudge of gloss on her lips.