Spider-Man: Homeless was a true cinematic event. And on the ride of Loki, the film opened the MULTIVERSE

doors to the MCU. Bringing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield back as their versions of Spidey.

The Multiverse Saga moves on, and will culminate there at the end of Phase 6 with the epic Avengers:

Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars! The latter was a distant dream that Marvel fans thought would never happen. But it will!

Being one of the biggest events in the comics, it is impossible not to hope for something similar on the big screen.

To add even more hype to the speculation about who will be in the movie, here is some new gossip from insider Daniel Richtman.

The insider recalled a scene from No Way Home where Andrew's Peter reveals his desire to fight an alien.

Something Tobey and Tom's Peters have already faced, and he hasn't. "He'll probably get his wish in Battleworld."

Battle World is precisely the planet where the Secret Wars take place in the comics. Although we should

have a plot adaptation in the film, the premise and battle will certainly be on another planet as well.