Avengers 5 marvel will release 4 major films before Kang Dynasty

It's been a month since Marvel Studios decided to bombard its fans with several surprises, a flurry of news

that happened during its run at San Diego Comic-Con, where the studio surprised by announcing two new Avengers movies.

Yes, in one fell swoop Marvel announced the team's 5th and 6th film. 

And they will both come out in the same year: in May 2025, Avengers: Kang Dynasty will 

premiere, and six months later, in November, Avengers: Secret Wars, the end of the Multiverse Saga, will hit theaters.

Avengers 5 already has a director picked: Destin Daniel Cretton, who also helmed

Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings. So, all that's left is for Marvel to choose a director for Avengers 6, Secret Wars.

But before the film that will feature Kang as the main villain, a character played by Jonathan

Majors, Marvel is preparing four other projects that will be very important for the understanding of Kang Dynasty.

The new film of the franchise hits theaters in February 2023, and will have confirmed

participation of Kang, or at least some other variant of him, a fact that so far only happened

in the first season of Loki, when we were introduced to He Who Remains in the last episode of the series.

In any case, the new film of the little heroes lived by Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly is the project that will kick-start 

Phase 5 of the MCU, and it should also be one of the most fundamental pieces for the path that will be paved until the next Avengers film.