The coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II arrives in London on Tuesday (13), kicking off

one of the largest security operations in the history of the British capital. Millions of people

are expected in the city until the 19th, when the sovereign will finally be buried at Windsor Castle.

The Metropolitan Police has guaranteed what it calls a "very well-rehearsed plan for the capital", whose preparation

began years ago. The plan is to have around 10,000 officers on the streets every day, a number similar to that of the 2012 

Olympics - the most heavily policed annual event in the capital is the Notting Hill Carnival, with 6,000 officers per day.

The transfer of police, even led Uefa to postpone the Arsenal x PSV game, in the Europa

League on Thursday (15), in London. Hours later, the Premier League announced the 

postponement of three games next weekend, including the Chelsea vs. Liverpool derby.

Getting around the city today is already a challenge: tube stations are more than full and there are so many people

around Buckingham Palace that getting close to the bars of the royal residence can take more than three hours.