Pop singer Ariana Grande, 29, is currently working on her film adaptation of the classic

Wicked, in which she will play Glinda, the good witch. The feature film will be released in two parts in the years 2024 and 2025.

However, Grammy-winning singer Kali Uchis has claimed that Ariana Grande has promised

to go into the studio with her as soon as she finishes recording Wicked, suggesting

that it may be a while before Ariane releases the successor to 2020's Positions.

During a broadcast on TikTok, Uchis revealed, "She's not recording right now

because she's working on her movie stuff; her play that she's

doing... She said when she's done, we'll work on it. I'm excited for that," he said.

Ariana Grande has previously admitted that her film work and her REM Beauty

brand are priorities for artists at the moment, with music in the background for now.