Former RBD Anahí told fans this week that she has caught Covid-19 again. And she thinks she was infected after 

her concert with Karol G on June 11 at the Mexico City Arena, because days later the symptoms started, and now she is in isolation and recovering.

Through her official Instagram account, the former RBD informed her followers that in the last few days she was in poor health as a result of the coronavirus.

"Today, after 8 days, I say I caught COVID again," she said via Instagram stories, confessing that she had a hard time away from her family and children.

"Now I felt like I had been hit by a truck," she revealed about her symptoms. 

"The worst was being isolated without being able to hug my babies and Manuel [Velasco Coello, husband]," she lamented.

The singer commented that after several days of being sick, she finally took a new test and it came out negative.

"Today is a very happy day for me, I just tested negative. I wanted to share with you until I feel good, take great care," the actress wrote.