Fiction on par with reality. The high profile case of accusation of domestic violence and defamation 

that opposed the actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will be the source and subject of episodes

of the 24th season Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Law & Order; Special Victims Unit), which in Portugal has been broadcast on Fox cable channel.

The way the court case was televised and presented was, on multiple occasions, considered 

as if it were a series, with analyses of the opposing parties' performances as if they were in a movie. 

Now it's really coming to television and into the realm of drama.

According to American websites, there are new photos taken on the set of a film believed to be 

from the New York episode. In it, the inspector played by actress Marissa Hargitay

Detective Olivia Benson, leaves a courthouse escorting a character played by Julia Goldani Telles.