Alec Baldwin gave an interview to CNN, in which he expressed concern that he might be attacked by supporters of Donald Trump.

The actor, who on the show "Saturday Night Live" several times parodied the former US president, said 

he feared for his life after Trump told his supporters that the fatal accident behind the scenes of "Rust" was deliberate. 

It is recalled that Halyna Hutchins, director of photography for the film, died following injuries from gunfire that was in Baldwin's hands.

"He had people commit acts of violence and pointed the finger at me, saying that I was responsible for [Halyna Hutchins'] death," he said.

"People who were sent to the Capitol and killed a law enforcement officer.... I thought some of them wanted to kill me."

In 2021, Trump implied that Baldwin intentionally killed Hutchins during an interview. "He's a madman. When he is, he must have had something to do with it."

The FBI has concluded that Alec Baldwin did indeed fire the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the filming of the movie "Rust" in October 2021.

This month, the FBI determined that the revolver used as a prop in the film, which contained real bullets, could not have been fired accidentally.