Alec Baldwin was afraid of attacks from Donald Trump supporters, as revealed in an interview with CNN. 

After fatal accident on the set of Rust, former US president insinuated that shooting was done on purpose.

"That was the only time I really thought...I worried that this [attack] was going to happen.

It was Trump, who instructed people to commit acts of violence, pointing his 

finger at me and saying I was responsible for a death," Baldwin said in reference to the attack on the United States Capitol, the seat of the legislative branch.

"One hundred percent, I'm nervous thinking that a bunch of people instructed by the former president

to go to the Capitol - and they killed a policeman - I wonder if those people are going to come and kill me," the actor added.

In addition to acting in Rust, Baldwin was a producer, and claimed to have lost

five other jobs after the fact: I was all set to be in a movie, I got on a plane.... 

I talked to these guys for months and they told me yesterday that they don't want to do the movie with me because of this.