Akon defends Kanye West for selling clothes

Kanye West is always causing some controversy. The most recent cause of negative public reaction comes from.

reaction comes from Kanye's Yeezy collection at the Gap - specifically, how it was presented in stores. Ye's newest.

additions to his Yeezy Gap collaboration were being sold in large trash bags, a move that.

many considered disrespectful to homeless people, who West has claimed are his inspiration when it comes to fashion.

Kanye defended his decision on Fox News, saying, "Look man, I'm an innovator.

and I'm not here to sit back and apologize for my ideas. That's exactly what the media tries to do. 

Make you apologize for any idea that doesn't fit exactly the way they want you to think." Now, Akon has also entered the conversation.

According to Akon, the people angered by Kanye's fashion decisions have done nothing.

to help the homeless themselves. "Personally, I would tell those same people to.

take the clothes they're not wearing and go give them to the homeless," said the "Bananza" singer. "Do something. You, do something."