Phase 4 of the MCU hasn't even come to an end yet, but Marvel Studios made sure to get ahead of 

the curve and reveal the releases of Phases 5 and 6. As well as revealing that these 3 phases will form the so-called Multiverse Saga!

In the same way that Phases 1, 2 and 3 formed the Infinity Saga. As much as 

everyone is more concerned - and curious - about the Multiverse and the 

upcoming Avengers movies, here's another question. Inevitably, that is the question of WHAT will be the NEXT phase of the MCU after the Multiverse?

Well, famous insider Daniel Richtman has updated his rumor column on Patreon.

Where he brought the gossip that the next MCU saga may be entirely focused on the MUTANTS!

According to Daniel, Kevin Feige's plan is to have several mutant movies and series from Phase 7 onward. 

Which was already expected thanks to the total absence of a solo mutant project at Comic Con San Diego.

As well as contractual issues that anticipated that an X-Men movie could only come just after Avengers: Secret Wars.