After a brief breakup, Kendall Jenner has taken Devin Booker 

back, and according to friends of the couple, they have decided to take their relationship to

the next level. Now the couple is making plans to walk down the aisle and fulfill their dream of starting their own family.

According to the insider, the basketball player was determined

to win Kendall back and had the support of the model's entire family.

"Since the breakup, Devin has shown Kendall that he loves her and is in the same vibe as

her, to get married and start a family (...) everyone in Kendall's family is relieved that 

she has resumed her relationship with Devin, who is dear to everyone," the source confirms.

"Both Booker's family and Kendall's family want to see them

married, so that should be their natural next step," explains a friend, according to E!News.