The world of famous people is not all flowers and we know that often roll some confusions

and fights between them. Proof of this is that on Friday night (12), singer Bella

Poarch published several attacks on Cardi B, through Twitter, in a publication that talked about the release of her new EP "Dolls".

It all started when Poarch's official profile responded to a tweet from Pop Crave

promoting her debut EP "Dolls" , which was also released on Friday (12), stating that the project was "better than any Cardi's album".

After that, the comments continued, including a post saying that Cardi was not that influential, while another 

apparently called her a "Ponytail Bitch" and even one with a poll that asked if her followers were "Team Nicki" or "Team Cardi".

In addition, the voice of "Bodak Yellow" was threatened! Bella's profile hinted at "leaking Cardi's nudes if she received 100,000 likes.

We know that Cardi B is not cold and as soon as she saw the tweets, she decided to comment on the fact, however, the rapper seemed

to have seen the situation with her humorous side. She then responded by posting a screenshot of a direct message sent by Poarch on her Instagram, which read, "Hiiii I'm a big fan of your music.