Adele is considered one of the greatest singers of today and, with a career of just over 10 years, she

keeps breaking records and staying on top of the world's top music charts. To the surprise of fans, on

Monday morning (15), the diva was on the cover of Elle UK magazine and commented on several points of her career, including the cancellation of her Las Vegas residency.

Adele's talent is unmatched! The singer, who has won 15 Grammys in total, is still promoting her

latest album "30", released in 2021, and is the best-selling project of 2021 in the UK and the US. 

The superstar has already demonstrated her passion for the stage and was very excited to hold her residency in Las Vegas.

However, after many comings and goings, on January 20, the singer used her social

networks to inform the cancellation of the series of shows that would take place at the Caesars Palace

Coliseum and among the main reasons were the advancing pandemic of the new coronavirus and its variants, production problems and disagreements on the set.

"It was the worst moment of my career by far. I was so excited about those shows. It was devastating. 

But on top of that, the stage setup wasn't right. It was very disconnected from me and my band, and

lacked intimacy. And maybe I tried too hard to give those things away in such a controlled environment," Adele commented.