Abominable understands the ending of episode 2 of She Hulk

Episode 2 of She Hulk is now available on Disney+! After a great premiere focusing on Jennifer's

training with the Hulk, it's time to move on and actually see this Heroes' 

Advocate in action. However, the episode puts the super-lawyer in the path of... the Abominable!

Beginning her work in the superheroes' legal division, Jennifer ends up taking on the case of Emil Blonsky, the villain from The Incredible Hulk.

However, just when things seem to be going well for the defense of the declared innocent

'former villain', here's the twist. As a video emerges of the Abominable fighting a wizard in a cage in a clandestine tournament.

It turns out that this sets up as a jailbreak and is sure to be a big problem for Jennifer in the next episode. 

Anyway, the event was a brilliant way to connect the series with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.