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Black Clover confirms manga time jump

After a three-month hiatus, Black Clover is back with its final arc, and right in the opening pages of Chapter 332, there is confirmation that the plot has undergone a considerable time jump.

We know that fifteen months have passed since the disaster of Spade’s Kingdom happened. During that time, the Magic Knights are putting a lot of resources into rebuilding the Clover and Heart Kingdoms.

Fans were already hoping for something like this, and it also gave the heroes time to age a bit more.

Asta, for example, is now 18 years old after having faced Lucifer when he was only 17.

“After a three-month break, we are pleased to announce that the serialization of Black Clover is back! It’s been quite a break, but I’ve done my best to exceed expectations for this final arc! From this point on, Asta and his friends will face even greater challenges to become the Emperor Mage!

Declared Yuki Tabata in an official statement.

“There is also an anime movie coming up, so I will do my best not to be outdone by the difficult schedules of my weekly release. Please give us your support! Thank you to everyone who patiently waited for Black Clover even during the hiatus.”

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